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Our company is committed to fulfill our societal mission by providing job listing distribution and online recruitment services in this era of global mobility.

Talent mobility (movement of personnel) is rapidly advancing against the backdrop of a shrinking workforce and a shifting industrial establishment. Companies are required to retrain and upskill their employees and at the same time attract professionals from in and outside Japan in order to keep up with business growth in an ever-changing industry.

As a result, employees are motivated to improve their skills by changing jobs therefore shortening their duration of employment. Companies are expecting to reduce recuitment costs and improve their hiring efficiency to keep up with the increase of mid-career hires. We believe that this will be more apparent in non-Japanese companies due to the high recruitment costs here in Japan compared to their home countries.

Japan has a very unique recruitment market where new graduates are hired en masse during specific periods throughout the year.
Therefore, it has become a culture for companies and headhunters to use employment websites in order to efficiently conduct high volume recruitments.The same culture is also evident in the process of hiring mid-career professionals. The rise of employment websites have changed their initial status of simple job boards to becoming huge recruiting platforms. Through these platforms, companies are increasingly using a hands-on approach in their hiring processes to prioritize the recruitment of skilled professionals. Managers and company presidents are directly involved in the process of searching for the ideal employee.

Our mission in this unique recruitment market is to provide job listing distribution and online recruitment services to companies and skilled professionals worldwide through, our recruitment platform specializing in bilingual mid-career professionals. By streamlining the recruitment process through DX, we are reducing the high recruiting cost unique to Japan and are providing the most suitable positions online for professionals. will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023. In 2017, was recognized as "No.1 in number of global positions," "No.1 in number of bilingual professionals," and "No.1 in number of global IT professionals" by a competitive survey conducted by the ESP Research Institute.(*) As the No.1 bilingual job search site in Japan, we will continue to strive to become even more popular among bilingual mid-career professionals based on our customer-oriented approach across all borders.

President Tomoki Yokokawa

(*) Based on ESP Research Institute as of June 8, 2017

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