Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. contributes to the development of global talents.


Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. contributes to the development of diversity.

MASHING UP is a business conference that strives to build an inclusive society in which women and other underrepresented groups can realize their full potential. We generate chemistry for new business ideas by “mashing up” people from various industries, countries and communities with different backgrounds and genders. This year’s theme is Reshape the Perception – building awareness for a new perspective. We invite speakers from home and abroad to hold a variety of exciting sessions. Through the discussions, we hope to gain new perspectives that could be helpful for individuals, organizations, and societies.

By being part of this event, Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. is taking part in the MASHING UP as an Associate Partner.

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JMEC (Japan Market Expansion Competition)

Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. contributes to the development of global talents.
Contributing to the creation of global talent through practical business training (mini MBA)

JMEC provides practical business training for up-and coming business executives by helping to expand the business activities of foreign companies in the Japanese market, earning the program the title of "mini-MBA".

The participants are expected to attend lectures given by experienced business executives about market research, corporate finance, logistics, project management, marketing/PR, presentation skills and how to write a business plan. Participants will also have to understand the requirements of a project client that is either currently developing in the Japanese market or are considering entering the market before creating and presenting a business plan. The course is structured like a competition whereby the best business plans are selected to win prizes. There have been many cases where the business plans have been actually implemented by clients.

In assisting with the operation of this course, Daijob continues to implement their mission " To provide the best positions for globally-minded people " by supporting people in their quest to work globally.

WINConference Tokyo 2016

The women’s preferred leadership forum『Leading the Way』

Supporting global event for Women in business“WINConference Tokyo2016”
Contributing to the increase of female global leadership development and diversity in enterprises

WINConference Tokyo 2016 is hosted by WIN Sarl (Switzerland) and was established in 1997 with the purpose of development and dissemination of female leaders with a global mind.

Based on Daijob’s mission, “To provide the best positions for globally-minded people”, we are taking part in the WINConference. By being part of this event we hope to draw attention to women’s leadership, diversity and inclusion among Japanese companies and promote developments in those fields.

[WINConference Tokyo 2016] https://www.daijob.com/en/womenwork-top/win.html

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