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For Job-Seekers

We can help you to find work in a foreign-affiliated or global company.

Jobsite for those hoping to work for a global company using their language ability. “”

Japan's leading jobsite for bilinguals Global foreign-affiliated and global companies.
No. of Job Vacancies: around 12,000, Monthly No. of People Scouted: ~12,000

Job opportunities posted everyday by companies ranging from big enterprises to new ventures.

What Can You Do?
・Quick Search (with option to save job requirements)
・Manage jobs in the “Under Consideration” folder.
・Manage JP, EN and CH resumes online. Make up to 5 resumes for each language.
・Communicate easily with companies
・Sign up to our newsletter filled with information about getting a new job
・A chance to be scouted by companies

New jobsite for Japanese jobs outside Japan. “Working Abroad”

Whether you are Japanese and looking to gain international experience, or non-Japanese and looking to keep your Japanese fresh outside of Japan, 'Working Abroad' is the place for you.

We've even included some functions to make your life easier.
・Search by Desired Area/Country of Work
Users can search with consummate ease by clicking their desired work location on a world map.
・Search by Desired Working Language
Users can search jobs in one click under the conditions 「Jobs which use English」, 「Jobs which use Chinese」 and 「Jobs which use other languages」.

A jobsite launched for foreign IT specialists wanting to work in Japan. “Jobs in Japan”

Therefore, Daijob, specialized in the recruitment service for global talents, will start the jobsite, “Jobs in Japan”. It is a jobsite connecting companies and foreigners in the field of IT hoping to work in Japan.

Other than the job postings focused on the IT-related work industry, there are also contents supporting foreigners that want to work in Japan.
The contents assist gathering information before coming to Japan and once arriving.

In order to provide the users with useful information to support their job-hunting, examples are information about schools for skill improvement, Japanese business practices, and the culture.

Meet the HR representatives of global companies. “Daijob Career Fair”

Since it’s operated by global, bilingual talent specialists, this is a career fair packed with opportunities. This is an un-missable day which helps to connect bilingual people to potential employers.

What Can You Do?
Get the lowdown on what the company is really like by asking company representatives directly and find out information you won't see on the company homepage or in brochures. You can also eliminate any doubts or misgivings about the company by asking questions you won't be able to at interview, providing you with the perfect preparation for their selection process.

Hello Japan

Job site for professionals with specialized skills Hello Japan
「Hello Japan」is a job site that specializes in matching foreigners who want to work in Japan with companies that are actively seeking foreign talent, with a focus on Specific Skilled Workers.
Hello Japan is available in multiple languages, so a high level of Japanese fluency is not required to use the site.
The site name 「Hello Japan」is derived from the vision of "Encountering new merits, new horizons, and a new you in Japan".

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