The seminar will focus on residence status and other immigration procedures ・・・



Calling all personnel involved in recruiting and training foreign talent! Free Seminar on residency options and procedures for hiring staff from abroad.

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd, (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Shinohara; hereafter referred to as Daijob), a company involved in the recruiting and training of foreign talent, and owner of the, will be co-hosting a seminar with Human Academy Japanese Language School (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshitaka Arai), a Daijob group company, for personnel professionals involved in hiring and developing foreign talent .

Due to a shortage of human resources in Japan and an increase in companies expanding overseas, the recruitment of foreign talent is on the rise in Japan. In a survey given to 79 personnel staff at companies utilizing, we asked that if it isn’t possible to find qualified talent in Japan going foward, depending on the job, would companies instead consider seeking talent from overseas. (See infographic on the right). We received a positive response of 80% in regards to employing overseas talent, with 56.0% saying they would consider it, 26.67% saying they would strongly consider it, and 17% saying they would not consider it.

Additionally, due to an increase in foreign students coming to study in Japan, there will be a rise in foreign students looking for work in Japan. As a result, it is important to clearly understand residency status, a topic unfamiliar to those employing only Japanese nationals.
This seminar focuses particularly on immigration procedures and residency status, featuring Takuro Yamaguchi from ACROSEED, an Immigration Lawyer having worked with personnel in many leading companies, who will share know-how acquired while handling over 2000 cases.

◆ Event Details

Date and Time: Thursday, June 15, 2017, 16:00-18:00
Venue: Shinjuku MAYNDS Tower, 15th floor (2-1-1 Yoyogi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 151-0053)
Target Participants: Recruiters of foreigners for Entry-level and Mid-Career Positions
Personnel staff supporting foreign employees living in Japan
Maximum Participants: 30 people (Registration has been closed due to the event reaching participant capacity.)
Free of Charge

Seminar Overview
Part 1: Basic Procedure for Applications to the Immigration Bureau for Foreign National Employees
 ・About the Resident Status “Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services”
 ・Key Points to Remember when Bringing over Foreign Nationals
 ・Applying for a Certificate of Eligibility
 ・Key Points to Note for Mid-career Employees in Japan
 ・Notifying Contract Agencies
 ・Applying for the qualification of Certificate of Employment
 ・Change in Residence Status; Renewal of Re-entry Permit

Part 2: Common Questions from Foreign Employees about Resident Status
 ・Offering Counsel for “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Service”
 ・Offering Counsel for “Highly Skilled Professional”
 ・Offering Counsel about Permanent Residency
 ・Offering Counsel about Family Matters
 ・Offering Counsel about Marriage and Divorce
 ・Case Studies

Takuro Yamaguchi, ACROSEED Co., Ltd

An Immigration Lawyer (Administrative Scrivener), Mr. Yamaguchi is in charge of jobs related to hiring and assisting foreign nationals in leading companies, having handled more than 2000 cases. Supporting not only employment qualifications for new hires, he also offers counsel on residency status and qualifications after employment has commenced.

※Seminar content may be subject to change without prior notice.


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