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About Half Interested in a Foreign Language Before the Age of 15.

26th Daijob Go Global Career Fair Results

Subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd. and operators of Japan's largest jobsite for bilinguals Daijob.com, Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., hosted the Go Global Career Fair aimed at bilingual professionals at AKIBA SQUARE on October 2015. This report focuses on the results of a survey taken among the participants of the fair.

There were 33 exhibiting companies and about half of them were foreign-affiliated. Regarding the industry types of the companies, there were many categories including; IT-Related, Distribution/Retail, Advertising/Publishing/Printing, Public Institutions, Consumer Goods, and Hospitality.

Half of the participants of the event were Japanese, and the other, non-Japanese. Out of those that are looking for a career change, 66% has more than 3 years of work experience and 86% have business level English or above. Also, there were seminars hosted by two females who are very successful globally. The seminar has taught the global minded mid-careers how to write a successful English resume and gave tips for women to succeed in foreign affiliated companies.

“The Secret to Writing an English Resume”
Mikako Suzuki
 AT Globe Corporation
 Director of Global Talent Producer
  “Tips for Women to Succeed at Foreign-Affiliated Companies”
Rumi Odo
 Citibank Japan Ltd
 AML Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President

◆Phase of Getting Interested in a Foreign Language (Answered by: 160 Japanese Natives)

By taking a look at the survey, it has become clear about the phase in life of our Japanese attendees becoming interested in a foreign language. According to the survey answer, our highest answer was “13-15 Years Old” at 23% following “16-18 Years Old” at 20%. Also, 49% became interested in a foreign language during the age of 15 or below.
Regarding the reasons of why our attendees decided to learn a foreign language, it became clear that 25% wanted to expand their horizon, 19% were simply interested in it, and 33% wanted to work overseas or to improve their career.

Phase of Getting Interested in a Foreign Language

◆Survey Result: Experience of Working Overseas (Answered by: 160 Japanese Natives)

Looking through the answers on our survey by Japanese Natives, 42% have experience of working overseas. Out of them, 86% have experienced studying abroad.

Survey Result: Experience of Working Overseas


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