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Job Openings for Finance/Accounting Occupation becomes Record High

Global Job Postings to Job-Seekers Ratio for September 2015 reaches 1.16

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd. headed by Mr. Yuji Shinohara, has created a summary of the Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio for September 2015.

※The Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio is a calculation of the supply-demand balance between job openings which require business conversation level in at least 2 languages and the number of job-seekers who are equipped with that ability (No. of Job Openings / No. of Job Seekers). A high ratio indicates that there is a high number of jobs available for a low number of job-seekers.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Occupation


The occupation with the highest Job Openings to Job-Seekers ratio for September was "Finance/Accounting", with a rise of 1.25 points to a ratio of 5.17. This was followed by "Marketing/PR" at 1.34 points to ration of 4.08, and "General Affairs/HR/Legal" decreased by 2.58 points to ratio of 3.42.

For the “Finance/Account”it first had the tendency to rise by 3.0 after January 2015.However, due to the rise in June, it went past the ratio of 5.0 since December of 2014.It has become the new record since August of 2013 due to the increasing job openings of “Finance/Accounting” added with “Management”.

Also, not included in the top 3 this month, but “Education/Training/Language Learning” has the tendency to increase past June, and made a new record since August 2013. Other than the number of job openings having the tendency to increase, it is thought the numbers of corresponding job changers has decreased. Looking into the job opening information, job openings were more focused on manufacturing and customer support. On the other hand, this month, jobs relating to the translation of video games, and localization are becoming more available.


◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Industry


Looking into the Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by industry, “Agriculture/Mining” has increased by 1.90 points with ratio to 2.78 and comes in first place. Following, “Finance/Insurance” decreased by 1.68 to ratio of 1.87 from last month. Lastly, “Manufacturing” has decreased from last month's with the numbers 0.37 points with ratio of 1.73

The industry of “Finance/Insurance” and “Manufacturing” has remained in the TOP 3 for three months consecutively. By looking into the jobs opening by occupation, the rate of “IT Related” and “Investment Banking /M&A” is high. Within the “Manufacturing”, the occupation of “Finance/Accounting” and “Marketing/PR” has a high ratio.


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