"Career Start in Japan" - A jobsite for foreign exchange students in Japan.

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Daijob to release a new service! "Career Start in Japan" - A jobsite for foreign exchange students in Japan.

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd. headed by Mr Yuji Shinohara, has released a new site intended to help connect companies in Japan to foreign exchange students called "Career Start in Japan".
Daijob is hoping to have information from 100 companies posted on the website by 2016, including 40 listed companies and 60 small/medium-scale companies.

The fundamental mission of CSJ is to help foreigners succeed in the Japanese "shuukatsu" system.

"Shuukatsu" is very much a Japanese concept, resulting in a large number of foreigners being unable to fully comprehend its nuances and often either rejected for not being "as expected" by HR managers, or giving up before they even begin. This means that a large number of talented foreigners are missed by HR managers in Japan.

CSJ was created in order to bridge that gap between foreign exchange students and HR managers. Daijob already has existing network of global Japanese companies and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan, in addition to 20% of their staff being non-Japanese and 60% of staff having bilingual ability, meaning that they are well placed to deal with this issue!

Aside from offering information about internships and new graduate positions, CSJ also offers the following:

◆CSJ Additional Features

 -Full of contents to help foreign exchange students-

・Feature 1:Hear experiences from foreigners who have done it!
Foreigners that have succeeded in finding an internship/job in Japan tell of their experiences and offer tips on what to watch out for and how to get hired!

・Feature 2:Shuukatsu Tips
There are certain things about "shuukatsu" that may seem obvious to Japanese people, but foreigners are simply not familiar with. These are explained with tips from a former Head of HR at a foreign-affiliated company in Japan.

・Feature 3:View candidate resumes inc. Internship History
Foreign exchange students are able to create a resume online alongside a history of their internship experience for HR managers to browse.

・Feature 4:Event & Seminar Calendar
CSJ contains a Google Calendar which lists the details of events/seminars designed to attract foreign exchange students.

Website Manager:Luis Costigan (British)
Arrived in Japan in July 2012 and joined Daijob Global Recruiting in December 2013. Currently in charge of Career Start in Japan in addition to marketing for the English version of Daijob.com.

◆Career Start in JapanサイトURL:http://csj.daijob.com/

(To be released mid-late April 2015)


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