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An Investigation into Whether or Not Foreigners Wish to Work in Japan

Companies in Japan have an increasing requirement for foreigners.

Daijob have investigated the desire of foreign Daijob users, living both in and outside Japan, to work in Japan. Japanese companies are expanding overseas while the working population of Japan is shrinking, meaning that the demand for bilingual foreigners is likely to increase.

◆49% of foreign Daijob users living outside Japan would like to work in Japan

When we asked foreign Daijob users that registered between Nov 2012 and Nov 2014 and currently live in Japan, "Where would you like to work?", 64% of users in 2012 said "only Japan" while 78% in 2013 and 86% in 2014 gave the same answer, a rise of 22% over a 2 year period. The number of foreign Daijob users not currently living in Japan but wishing to work in Japan rose from 30% in 2012, to 39% in 2013, to 49% in 2014, a 2 year increase of 19%. However, the number of foreigners who don't mind whether they work in Japan or elsewhere has been decreasing year-on-year. Foreigners currently living in Japan saying they didn't mind where they worked dropped from 29% in 2012 to 11% in 2013. Of those currently living outside Japan, 41% gave the same answer in 2012 while only 18% said they don't mind where they work in 2014.

◆The ratio of foreigners that respond to Scout Mails has doubled over 2 years

The ratio of foreigners, be they within or outside Japan, that respond to Scout Mails on Daijob has doubled since 2012. The investigation also showed that 63% of foreign Daijob users living in Japan receive a Scout Mail in the same month that they registered.

◆People of around 50 different nationalities want to work in Japan

Using data from users who registered in November 2014, we also found out which nationalities have the strongest desire to work in Japan. The nationality with the highest number of people that wanted to work in Japan was the Phillipines, followed by India. Of users currently in Japan, the highest number of foreigners that wanted to work in Japan were Chinese, followed by Korean.
In 2012, we helped users of around 30 different nationalities find a job in Japan, and by 2014 this had increased by a factor of 1.6 to 50 nationalities. Phenomena such as "Cool Japan" have increased Japan's global presence, resulting in an increased number of foreigners who want to try their hand at working in Japan.

◆Investigation Outline

■Investigation Purpose:To understand whether foreigners desire to work in Japan, and the demand for foreigners by companies.
■Investigation Target:Foreign Daijob.com users that registered and created a Resume during November in 2012/2013/2014
■Investigation Period:December 1st - December 19th 2014
※In this investigation, we used data from the Daijob "Scout Mail" function (designed so companies can approach candidates which they could potentially hire) to judge whether companies truly had a demand for foreigners.


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