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Investigation into job market trends for the first half of 2014

The difference between Daijob.com users and the general workforce

Huge disparity seen between the English ability and experiences abroad of Daijob.com users and regular workers (people between 20-49).

Daijob.com, operated by Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co. Ltd, has conducted a survey among its registered users regarding trends in the job market for the first half of 2014. Questions were asked about the following topics: English ability, current or latest company type, no. of job changes, reason for changing jobs and entering a certain company, how jobs were changed, salary difference when changing jobs, experience overseas and how to spend free time. Answers were collected online and used to create a comparison between 20-49 year old users of Daijob.com and regular employees.

◆Investigation Results

79% of Japanese Daijob.com users have at least business level English. Only 10% of the general workforce can boast the same.

41% of Daijob users have business level English, 30% were fluent and 17% could speak to a daily conversational level. Of the general workforce, 46% said that they had no English ability at all while 32% said they had very basic communication. While 79% of Japanese Daijob.com users had at least business level English, only 10% of the general Japanese workforce could say the same.

Company types and English ability

46% of Japanese Daijob.com users worked for a Japanese company while 39% worked for a foreign-affiliated company. 12% of users worked overseas (be it a Japanese or foreign company). 86% of the general workforce work for Japanese companies, with a mere 2% working for a foreign-affiliated company and 1% working abroad.

No. of job changes and English ability

Comparing Daijob.com users with the general workforce showed that a high of 23% of Daijob.com users had job changed 3 times, followed by once at 21% and twice at 12%. Of the general population, 43% had changed jobs once and 14% had changed jobs three times.

Experiences abroad and English ability

25% of Daijob.com users had studied abroad at a University while 20% had worked abroad. 77% of the general workforce had no experience abroad whatsoever.

【Questionnaire Outline】
In order to clarify what makes Daijob.com users special, we asked questions about the following topics.
①「English ability」
②「Current or latest company type」
③「No. of job changes」
④「Reason for changing jobs and entering a certain company」
⑤「How jobs were changed」
⑥「Salary difference when changing jobs」
⑦「Experience overseas」
⑧「Spending free time」

Questionnaire Respondents
A.Daijob.com Users
169 Japanese nationals(Questionnaire answered online on Daijob.com)
※ 436 people of any nationality responded to the survey, but the responses by 169 Japanese nationals have been used for this investigation.
B.General workforce
300 Japanese nationals between 20-49(Online questionnaire)
Questionnaire Time Period
May-June 2014


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