Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd. | Report of the 22nd Daijob Go Global Career Fair on June 6th 2014

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Report of the 22nd Daijob Go Global Career Fair

Number of attending foreign new graduates increases by 50%. Around half of attending students studying Japanese to "skill-up".

On June 6th 2014, Daijob.com held the 22nd Daijob Go Global Career Fair for foreign-affilated and global Japanese companies wishing to hire skilled, bilingual professionals. Around half of attendees were non-Japanese looking to change jobs and the number of foreign new graduates increased by 50% over the previous fair.

◆Questionnaire Results

50% of participating companies were foreign-affiliated while the rest were Japanese. The largest showing by industry was IT companies although companies also exhibited representing the Chemical/Pharmaceutical, Energy, Logistics/Retail, Manufacturing, Hotel/Leisure/Restaurant and Advertising/Publishing/Printing industries. There were many positions available for IT technicians, Finance, Adminisration, Sales and Marketing/PR areas.Total attendance was 775 (around 50/50 Japanese to non-Japanese) and over 72% had 3 or more years of business experience. Including Japanese, there were representatives of over 50 nationalities.

◆Questionnaire for exhibiting companies: Who is your ideal employee?

When asked why companies exhibited at the fair, 24% said "to hire bilingual Japanese people" while another 24% said "I want to find foreign candidates". 22% of companies only required native level Japanese speakers, meaning that the majority of companies were looking to hire non-Japanese people.

◆Questionnaire for job-seekers: "Skill-up"

83% of attending professionals and 91% of students were studying a language (including English or Japanese) to "skill-up".70% of the students in attendance were non-Japanese while 49% said they were learning Japanese. Although the results varied wildly between 0 JPY and over 10,000 JPY, 22% of professionals said that they paid around between 3,000 JPY to 5,000 JPY per month to "skill-up".26% of students said they were paying nothing, meaning that 74% were paying at least some money to "skill-up".

◆Job-hunting Information Corner

This fair featured a business school to learn new skills, a visa consultation service for non-Japanese and a Resume Correction Corner. Resumes were corrected by Daijob.com column writer Ms. Mikako Suzuki who is rated highly by both Japanese and non-Japanese alike for her experience in the HR departments of big foreign-affiliated companies. Her booth proved extremely popular with long waiting times required to receive advice.


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