**The August global job-opening-to-application ratio is 1.17**

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Signs of a rise in recruiting in Hotel / Leisure / Food Service / Tourism due to an increase in travelers to Japan.

**The August global job-opening-to-application ratio is 1.17**

 Daijob Global Recruiting Co. Ltd (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Shinohara), a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co. Ltd, which operates the bilingual job search site Daijob.com, summarized the global job-opening-to-application ratio as of the end of August 2017.
※The global job-opening-to-application ratio expresses the supply-demand balance for job openings for bilingual job seekers (with at least two languages) with business level skills (job-opening-to-application ration= = job openings ÷ job seekers)

 The global job-opening-to-application ratio was 1.17 in August 2017. In particular, there’s been a rise in job openings in Hotel / Leisure / Food Services / Tourism, indicating a strong demand for jobs related to foreign visitors in Japan.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Industry


Top 3 Job Industries
•Finance, Insurance 2.05(-0.67 from July)
•Electric Utilities, Gas, Heating, Water Supply 1.91(3.09 from July)
•Manufacturing 1.90(-0.60 from July)

Looking at the August global job-opening-to-application ratio by industry, the top three industries were Finance, Insurance; Electric Utilities, Gas, Heating, Water Supply; and Manufacturing. Out of 12 industries, the rate rose in the two: Lodging、Food Service; and Transportation, Postal Service. Additionally, the three industries in which the number of job offers increased from the previous month are Lodging, Food Services; Transportation, Postal Service; and Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. Particularly against the backdrop of an increase in foreign visitors to Japan, demand is up in Lodging, Food Service, which has increased to 19% of that of the previous month, and to 66.7% of that of the previous year.

◆Global Job-Opening-to-Application Ratio by Job Category


Top 3 Job Categories
・Finance / Accounting 4.00 (+0.46 from July)
・General Affairs, Human Resources, Legal 3.50 (-1.31 from July)
・Marketing / Public Relations 2.67 (-1.60 from July)

 Looking at the August global job-opening-to-application ratios by job category, the top-three categories were Finance/Accounting; General Affairs, Human Resources, Legal; and Marketing/Public Relations. In addition, out of the 22 job categories, the three categories in which job offers increased from the previous month are Finance/Accounting; Sales; and Hotel/Leisure/Food Service/Tourism. The number of job offers in Hotel/Leisure/ Food Service/ Tourism increased to 85.77% of that of the previous month.


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