Supporting foreign exchange students with their job hunting.

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Jobmails for Foreign Exchange Students Using AI
Supporting foreign exchange students with their job hunting.

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd. headed by Mr. Yuji Shinohara launches a new technology for Career Start in Japan (CSJ) a website for foreign exchange students in Japan looking for a job. The new technology will be a send out of (*2) Recommended Jobmails based on the collaborative filtering (*1) by AI.

The new Jobmail technology will be sent as an e-mail recommending jobs to the users of CSJ. The logic behind the send out will be based on the jobs our users applied to, and then analyzing the similarities of the jobs available on the site, the email is sent out to our users matching their registered information.

By adding such technology, the students registered on CSJ is now able to find jobs they could not find at first. Which will allow them expand their options during the job-hunt process. This will be the first trial to use the AI technology for the job recommendation e-mails to support the foreign-exchange student in Japan find their ideal job.

For our next step, we are planning on using the data based on page transition and text mining (*3). By doing so, we will be able to increase the accuracy of the job recommendations for our users on CSJ. If the added on logic of page transition and text mining works well for our users on CSJ, we would eventually like to add it on, jobsite for global-minded and bilingual professionals.

*1 : Collaborative Filtering:Commonly used in an E-commerce website. Examples would include finding mutual connections between two items, and introducing an item based on the two compared.
*2 : Recommended Jobmails:An E-mail which lists the job openings that the user may be interested in.
*3 : Text Mining:A method analyzing text data. Example would be breaking down a sentence to words and fining out the frequency and tendency of appearing.


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