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Borderless Job-hunting Begins! Brand new service, Working Abroad Worldwide launches!Hire the right candidate from across the world!

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., providing one of the biggest job-posting website for bilingual professionals in Japan, headed by Mr. Yuji Shinohara, has released a new website intended to help global companies aiming to hire the right candidate from overseas called “Working Abroad Worldwide” ( )

There are three distinctions to compare with other job-posting websites provided in the worldwide perspective. Working Abroad Worldwide

First, approach anyone in the world through a single service

There are job-posting websites available in different countries. Working Abroad Worldwide will provide a single hiring system to find the right person for your company. Your job posting(s) will be seen by job-seekers in the world without having to use numerous services.

Second, focuses on Mid-Career Professionals

There are many job-posting websites which holds candidates from entry level to professional level. Working Abroad Worldwide will only focus on the candidates in upper mid-career. If you are looking for someone who can manage the team or project, Working Abroad Worldwide will provide you the best solution.

Third, free job-postings and accessing our resume database.

Usually, job-postings are charged depending on the number of positions advertised and the prices will vary by country. Working Abroad Worldwide will provide free job-postings and access to our resume database. We will only charge you if you choose to use our additional plan to increase your chances of hiring. Working Abroad Worldwide can also be used by Recruiting Agencies who are looking for candidates for the clients with the same price.

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Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd. provides a link between people with excellent international communication skills and companies wishing to find employees who possess a global outlook. We contribute to globalisation and the development of the job market for the internationally-minded through our recruiting service.

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