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Increased job mobility continues in the "Manufacturing" and "Finance/Insurance" industries.

Global Job Postings to Job-Seekers Ratio for July 2015 reaches 1.17

The operators of bilingual job board Daijob.com, Daijob Global Recruiting Co.,Ltd, have created a summary of the Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio for the end of July 2015. The Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio is a calculation of the supply-demand balance between job openings which require business conversation level in at least 2 languages and the number of job-seekers who are equipped with that ability (No. of Job Openings / No. of Job Seekers). A high ratio indicates that there is a high number of jobs available for a low number of job-seekers.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Occupation


The occupation with the highest Job Openings to Job-Seekers ratio for July was "Creative (Internet-related)", following a rise of 5.10 points to a ratio of 5.50. This was followed by "General/HR/Legal" at 5.44 after a rise of 1.92 points, and "Medical/Pharmaceutical/Bio/Materials/Food" at 5.11 after a rise of 3.38.
Each of the TOP 3 for July had a high ratio that exceeded 5.0. The occupation type "Creative (Internet-related)" ranked top for the first time in since February 2014 with the highest ratio on record. Positions included web producers and designers in a variety of industries such as fashion, apparel, logistics, electronics manufacturers and travel/leisure.
The "Medical/Pharmaceuticals/Bio/Materials/Food" occupation category saw a 76% increase in job postings. This has been caused by a 300% rise in managerial positions in the "manufacturing development" sector of food manufacturers.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Industry


The "Manufacturing" industry saw a decrease of 0.02 points but was still ranked top with a ratio of 1.98, followed by "Finance/Insurance" at 1.85 after a decrease of 0.37 points and "Electric/Gas/Heating/Water Supply" at 1.50 after a drop of 1.75 points, resulting in a TOP 3 that were the same as the previous month.
While the ratio for July has been low with each of the TOP 3 having a ratio of below 2.0 and continuing the downward trend from May and June, the "Manufacturing" and "Finance/Insurance" industries have seen little change in the number of registered users with related experience and number of jobs. This is perhaps an indication that there is greater job mobility in these industries compared to others.


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