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President of Daijob Global Recruiting, Mr. Yuji Shinohara, featured in ABROADERS(a guide for job-seekers looking to work abroad/Asia)

The web edition of "Sekai wo ugokasu ABROADERS" features Mr.Shinohara.

Mr. Yuji Shinohara of Daijob.com was featured in the web edition of "Sekai wo ugokasu ABROADERS", a book released on 2015/5/15.

■Introduction:A debut overseas at 45, turning anxiety into confidence. (Japanese only)
[ http://www.abroaders.jp/yuji_shinohara1/ ]
■Epilogue:Turning the energy of China into fuel for self-development. (Japanese only)
[ http://www.abroaders.jp/yuji_shinohara2/ ]


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