Daijob forms part of a 3 company collaboration to help companies globalise their HR departments

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We help your company to build a global HR function.

Daijob, Kurdyla and Associates and Sankei Online English Learning have combined to provide a comprehensive HR support service for both the recruiting and in-depth development of new people. While Daijob has been specializing in global recruitment since 1998, Kurdyla and Associates have over 40 years of experience providing diverse English training programs for effective global communication skills and cross-cultural understanding to help government agencies, companies and universities alike. Sankei Online English Learning also bring to the mix their own breed of high-quality Business English lessons.

Given the rapidly decreasing domestic workforce, as well as a prevailing tendency of Japanese companies to expand operations into foreign markets, Japanese companies are in need of better global HR management. Daijob’s new joint global HR service caters to the needs of Japanese companies seeking an up-to-date global HR function on an ad-hoc basis. We understand that companies experience a wide range of issues ranging from: effective communication, cultural differences, how long will the employee stay, translation of company documents, making tasks clear to overseas branches, how to evaluate employees, the recruitment of foreign employees or even knowing where to begin.

Daijob’s global HR service brings to the table a service, which will tailor solutions and support the development of a global HR function .
To address these issues that companies face, we have gathered resources within the Human Group database to provide a wide range of services in both recruitment and employee development to enable companies to execute a global HR function internally. Daijob, Kurdyla Associates and Sankei Human Learning have coalesced to provide an optimum solution for global HR management.

About Kuryla Associates

Since its founding in 1969, Kurdyla Associates has been a key player in providing global communication programs and business support. Kurdyla have a variety of services in addition to English training, including lectures, seminars, rewriting, and translation to help users develop the skills and understanding they need to communicate with global colleagues and clients. http://www.kurdyla.com/

Sankei Human Learning

Sankei Human Learning is the developer of ‘Sankei Online English Speaking’, which is a high-quality English learning service. Sankei’s English Speaking service is the first online English learning service ever to acquire two types of ISO certification in the field of education. The service allows users to set the level of difficulty, as well as learning objectives and learn English whenever users wish to. As a joint enterprise of three branches, consisting of Sankei Group, Human Group and Trans Cosmos, Sankei Human Learning brings together experts in various fields to improve users’ English skills on a more practical level. http://learning.sankei.co.jp/


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