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An Investigation on Global Professionals: Working Abroad

40% of global professionals would like to work in East/South East Asia

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd. and operators of Daijob.com, has conducted an investigation into the opinions of global professionals on working overseas. 86% of global professionals noted that hope to work overseas while 40% mentioned that they would like to work in East/South East Asia.

【Investigation Overview】

■Objective:To clarify the thoughts of global professionals regarding working abroad.
■Investigation Period:2014/8/19-2014/10/15
■Subjects:Readers of the Daijob.com newsletter: 198,000 people
■Methodology:One-click voting system within the Daijob.com newsletter
■No. of valid responses: See below.

【Investigation Results】

Do you have any experience working abroad?
52% of respondents had worked overseas.

When asked whether they had any experience working abroad, 52% of Daijob.com newsletter readers mentioned that they had either "less than 3 months experience" (but still some), or "over 3 months experience". If we include experience studying abroad, some 86% of our readers mentioned that they had experience overseas.(Respondents:198, one-answer permitted)

Would you like to try working overseas/work overseas again?
86% of readers mentioned they would like to work overseas.

When asked whether they would like to work overseas, 86% of respondents said "Absolutely". 13% of respondents said they would work overseas if given the chance, meaning that an overwhelming 99% of respondents expressed an interest. (Respondents:370, one answer permitted)

Where would you like to work overseas?
40% of respondents say East/South-East Asia.

When asked where they would like to work abroad, 26% of respondents said "South-East Asia" while 25% said "N.America" and 16% said "Western Europe". If we include South-East Asia and East Asia (including China), 40% of respondents expressed an interest in working in Asia.(Respondents:260, one answer permitted)

Why would you like to work abroad?
Responses showed a lot of variety and were not limited to "language study" as expected.

While the most common reason for wishing to work abroad was noted as being "to use my language ability" at 22%, "working abroad is more suited to me" came in at 20%. Other responses were spread out relatively evenly, including: "To develop myself", "I want to work with people of different cultural backgrounds", ""I want to try a job I can't do in Japan", "There's something attractive about working abroad". (Respondents:172, one answer permitted)

What was the most difficult thing about working abroad?
"Language" voted highest at 37%.

When asked what was the toughest aspect of working abroad, 37% of respondents said "Language" while 20% said "Lifestyle". A total of 22% of respondents said one of the following: "Racism", "Human Relationships", "Accepting the people and culture of the area". (Respondents: 153, one answer permitted).


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