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Results of a Business Contest for Japanese people currently working in China held by Daijob.com

The Grand Prize was won by a "Home Care-giving in China"

Daijob.com, specialists in finding and pushing forward the careers of bilingual professionals, hosted a business contest aimed at Japanese people working overseas.

The first of these contests was held in China. Between February and March of 2014, we asked for business plans tied to the Chinese market. Participants had to be Japanese doing business in China (※1) and winner would be given between 100,000 JPY and 300,000 JPY to help with start-up costs and also be given a director's role if further investment were to take place. After careful consideration, the winner has now been selected.

◆ First Prize

【Business Type】Home Care-giving in China: Kimiko Hori(Currently in China)
Kimiko has been given 300,000 JPY in start up support for winning first prize.

※1:There is no restriction on nationality, as long as the participant has lived in Japan for at least 3 years before.

We will be conducting further business contests for Japanese and non-Japanese people alike who understand the culture, way of doing business and trends of both Japan and another country. Businesses thinking of expanding the operations overseas or co-hosting a contest with us should feel free to apply.


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