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Investigation into the characteristics of bilingual professionals on the global stage - Skills Edition

An investigation by - A jobsite for bilinguals with a database of over 430,000 professionals
The skill most desired within business leaders by bilingual professionals is "managing people of different cultures".

With the help of their registered users, has conducted an investigation into the characteristics of bilingual professionals. When asked "what skill would you most like a business leader to possess?", the biggest response was "managing people of different cultures", indicating the huge effect that globalisation has had on the workplace.

◆【Investigation Outline】

■Objective:Understand what skills bilingual professionals hope to acquire
■Time Period:2014/5/13-2014/6/3
■Respondents:Some recipients of the Newsletter:190,000 readers
■Response method:One-click voting in the Newsletter
■No. of answers:Please refer to the questions below.

◆【Investigation Results】

What was the most useful thing you learned at University?

55% of respondents noted "language ability" as the most important skill they learned at University. 15% said "technical knowledge" while a further 14% said "communication".
(No. of respondents:149)

What business skill would you most like to acquire?

The biggest response was "language ability" at 25%, followed by "time management" at 14%. The survey we gave out during the Career Fair on June 6th also showed that 72% of attendees were currently studying to improve their Japanese or English.(No.of respondents:295)

What do you think is the most desired skill in business leaders?

The ability to "manage people of different cultures" came in first at 29%. This is most likely because the respondents are members of and work or hope to work in a global environment. This was followed by "decisiveness & accountability" at 17% and "project management" at 12%.(Respondents:131)

What is the most desired skill within top salespeople?

"Developing trust with clients" was noted was the most popular answer at 27%, while "strategy creation" came in second at 19%.
The remaining answers: "Offering proposals to clients", "negotiation", "influence/drive", "customer service" and "making use of data", all received a similar result. In the field of sales, it would seem that the ability to communicate well is considered more important than managing your progress or planning ahead.(Respondents:60)


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