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White Paper Presenting the State of Global Professionals in 2013

The Demand for Global Professionals is Growing and Analysis of the Market from now on.

Daijob.com, a jobsite aimed at bilingual professionals operated by Daijob Global Recruiting Ltd., has created a white paper presenting the state of Global Professionals in 2013.

Based on recent calls for Japanese companies to stop relying on the shrinking domestic market and “globalize”, the drive towards foreign markets has accelerated and the requirement for bilingual businesspeople with experience outside Japan who can speak other languages in addition to Japanese has risen significantly. The competition for these professionals with rare skillsets has been intensifying. This white paper describes the current state of the Global Professional market and gives a prediction as to its future. It is hoped that the white paper will contribute in some small way to Japan’s globalization and the number of positions available to Global Professionals, and also offer advice to Japanese companies asking who they should target, what is the standard for hiring, and what is the best way to hire.

◆Results of the Questionnaire for Attendees: Why do you want to work for a foriegn-affiliated or global company?

The overwhelming majority of respondents noted that using their language ability at work was the main reason for wishing to change jobs, regardless of their most recent company. This is perhaps because students and people working in Japanese companies in particular want to make best use of their language ability in a company undergoing the prcoess of globalisation. The second-most chosen answer among students was the chance to be judged according to your personal performance. This is perhaps down to the image students have of foreign-affiliated companies.

◆Presenting the State of Global Professionals in 2013 – Summary

Chapter 1: The Current State and Future of the Demand for Global Professionals
What is a Global Professional? How many are there? What is the demand?
An estimate of the number of candidates.

Chapter 2: The Current State of Segments within the Global Professional Market
The current state and employment situation of Japanese nationals based overseas, the non-Japanese employees in Japan, Japanese studying abroad and non-Japanese studying in Japan.

Chapter 3: The Current State of Segments within Companies
What is the staffing situation of Japanese and foreign-affiliated companies?

Chapter 4: The Current State and Future of the Global Professional Market, including Estimations and Potential Solutions to Current Problems
The supply of Global Professionals and investigating the difficulty of hiring such people.

As an appendix, the 48-page white paper also contains an essay entitled “An Investigation into the Effect of Language Ability on Annual Salary”, as well as “An Investigation into the Job-Changing Trends of Daijob Users”.


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