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Report of the 21st Daijob Go Global Career Fair

Many companies in attendance looking to hire non-Japanese professionals

On March 14th 2014, Daijob.com held the 21st Daijob Go Global Career Fair for foreign-affilated and global Japanese companies wishing to hire skilled, bilingual professionals. The job-seekers at the fair were asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding their motivation for finding a new job and their personal characteristics. The results showed that while many companies were looking to find non-Japanese professionals, there was a decrease in the Japanese level of participants compared to previous fairs.

◆Questionnaire Results

40% of the exhibiting companies at the fair in Otemachi Sankei Plaza were foreign-affiliated, leaving the remaining 60% as global Japanese companies. While many of the companies were related to IT, there were also companies present representing the fields of energy, logistics/retail and manufacturing among others. Engineers and technicians were particularly in demand. Of the 763 people who attended the fair (Japanese: 54%, Non-Japanese:46%), 86% possessed at least business-level English and people of 48 different nationalities attended, resulting in a very cosmopolitan event.

◆Results of Questionnaire aimed at Exhibiting Companies: What kind of employee are you looking for?

There was an even spread in the career level required by the exhibiting companies, from entry level all the way through the manager level. Only 28% required native level Japanese and over 60% of companies indicated that they were looking for Japanese or non-Japanese professionals.

◆Results of the Questionnaire for Attendees: Why did you come to this event?

By far the most popular reason for attending was to improve the job-seekers chances of landing a job at 43%. This was followed by "to gather information" at 22%, and "the exhibiting companies are interesting" at 18%. 40% of attendees had only registered with Daijob within the last month, meaning that there were many people around who had only just begun their job search and were excited to get the chance to speak to the HR managers of foreign-affiliated and global companies face-to-face.

◆Results of the Questionnaire for Attendees: Why do you want to work for a foriegn-affiliated or global company?

The overwhelming majority of respondents noted that using their language ability at work was the main reason for wishing to change jobs, regardless of their most recent company. This is perhaps because students and people working in Japanese companies in particular want to make best use of their language ability in a company undergoing the prcoess of globalisation. The second-most chosen answer among students was the chance to be judged according to your personal performance. This is perhaps down to the image students have of foreign-affiliated companies.


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