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Relaunch of "Working Abroad" site, specialising in job postings based outside Japan

The operators of Daijob.com (Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd.) have opened a new website specialising in job postings outside of Japan for job-seekers who wish to confront the challenge of working overseas. The website is called "Working Abroad" and opened on April 1st.

Why have we launched this site?

"Working Abroad" has been launched in repsonse to the growing demand for non-Japanese people who understand Japanese culture and business practices and also have experience studying or working in Japan, in addition to the increasing need for Japanese people who can communicate effectively with people on site in other countries.

Working Abroad's Convenient Search Function

―Search by Desired Area/Country of Work
Users can search with consummate ease by clicking their desired work location on a world map.

―Search by Desired Working Language
Users can search jobs in one click under the conditions "Jobs which use English", "Jobs which use Chinese", "Jobs which use other languages".

―Search by Job Type
Users can narrow down their search according to job type among jobs which are located abroad or use another language.


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