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Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio - Feb 2014

Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio 0.95
Fewer companies set language ability as a requirement.

The operators of bilingual job board Daijob.com, Daijob Global Recruiting Co.,Ltd, have created a summary of the Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio for the end of February 2014. The Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio is a calculation of the supply-demand balance between job openings which require business conversation level in at least 2 languages and the number of job-seekers who are equipped with that ability (No. of Job Openings / No. of Job Seekers).

Analysing the job requirements of postings made during February, it can be said that companies have loosened up their requirements regarding language ability。Although the ratio of job postings requiring business level Japanese and English was very high until January, February has seen a 58% decrease while the total number of job postings has remained a similar level. Since the ratio in this report is limited to postings with at least business level Japanese and English, it has seen an apparent decrease dipping under 1.0. It is thought that the reason behind a decrease in language requirements is due to the difficulty in attracting job-seekers who meet every criteria. Companies are making it easier to find a suitable hire.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Occupation

If we take a look at the ratio according to occupation at the end of February, the category of “Creative (Internet-related)” takes the top position at 3.57. This is followed by “Machinery (Automobile/Plant/Precision Equipment)” at 3.28, and "Marketing/PR" at 2.09. "Creative (Internet-related)" is thought to have come top due to the increase in postings for web producers, directors and designers. "Managers/HR Professionals/Legal Staff” had previously been in the top 3 for 6 months, however it dropped this month to a ratio of 1.52.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Industry

The Global Job Openings to Job-seekers ratio by industry saw "Electrical/Gas/Heating/Water" top at 6.00 for the second month running. This was followed by "Telecommunications" at 1.68 and "Manufacturing" at 1.27.


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