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“Daijob Go Global Career Fair” March 14th Otemachi Sankei Plaza 4F

This is a career fair aimed at companies looking to hire global talent as well as people hoping to work on the international stage.

The operators of bilingual job board Daijob.com, Daijob Global Recruiting Co.,Ltd, will host the "21st Daijob Go Global Career Fair" on March 14th 2014 at Otemachi Sankei Plaza 4F. The event will primarily feature foreign-affiliated and global companies, and is aimed at bilingual job-seekers.

◆Event Information (http://www.daijob.com/cfair/)

【Date and Time】: Friday March 14th 2014 16:30 - 21:00 (Entry Permitted until 20.30)
Free entry and Free re-admission
【Location】: Otemachi Sankei Plaza 4F
【Exhibitors】: Intel, Mitsubishi Motors, Toray Industries, Jetstar Japan, Ralph Lauren as well as many other foreign-affiliated and global Japanese companies.

◆Previous Results

The “20th Daijob Go Global Career Fair” took place in January 2014 at Shinjuku L-Tower and companies participated from many different industries including IT, Energy, Manufacturing and Logistics/Retail. There were many job openings available for jobs with a high demand for bilingual employees such as salespeople, consultants, systems/technical engineers and marketers. There were 791 attendees (54:46 Japanese to Non-Japanese) and around 80% were able to speak business level English or better. The event was extremely diverse, featuring attendees from 53 different countries (including Japan).

◆Results to a Questionnaire for Exhibiting Companies: "Who is your Perfect Candidate?"

54% of exhibiting companies wanted to hire "staff level" people, while 36% of companies required native Japanese. 89% of companies wanted to hire people capable of speaking at least business level English.

◆Career Fair Attendees

Of the 791 attendees to our previous career fair, 70% had at least 3 years of work experience.

◆Results of a Questionnaire for Attendees: Why do you want to work for a foreign-affiliated or global Japanese company?

An extremely high percentage of people noted that their primary reason for wanting to work in such a company was to "take advantage of their language ability", regardless of where they had worked previously. Other popular reasons included a "high salary" for wishing to work in a foreign-affiliated company, as well as many students and people currently working for a Japanese company wishing to "work overseas". This Career Fair seems to have gathered many students wishing to work abroad.


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