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Daijob Opens a Business Contest for Japanese Professionals with an Entrepreneurial Spirit Working Abroad

First Contest aimed at those working in Shanghai, China. Possibility of investment given to the winner.

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd, has drawn from its philosophy of “finding the perfect positions for globally-minded people” by starting a business contest aimed at Japanese professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit conducting business overseas. The first contest will aimed at those working in Shanghai, which hosts a large number of Japanese companies as well as Japanese professionals.

The aim of this competition is to discover people across the globe who are willing to smash through the challenges of conducting business in a foreign land and give more impetus to their success.

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd is the owner of Daijob.com, a jobsite for bilinguals with over 430,000 registrations since 1998. In December last year, Daijob.com opened “Working Abroad” (http://www.daijob.com/workingabroad - Japanese only), a site aimed at Japanese people wanting to work abroad, and foreigners with experience studying in Japan but not currently living there. We hope that by gathering together a wealth of Japanese professionals living abroad through this competition, we will be able to help Japanese companies find the kind of globally and entrepreneurially-minded people they require.

◆ Business Contest (China) – (http://www.daijob.com/campaign/business_contest -Japanese only)

【Target】:Japanese professionals living and conducting business in China(※1)
1st prize: \300,000 + the ability to participate in our incubation program*.※2
2nd prize: \100,000.

※1:You don’t have to be Japanese to enter, but if you are not a Japanese national you must have lived in Japan for at least 3 years.
※2: Incubation program: If the business plan chosen as the winner of the first prize is judged to be worthy of investment according to our company standards, the business will receive investment of \10 million.


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