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Extending our Services to the Overseas Market

Exhibiting at the biggest careers event in Singapore

The operators of bilingual job board Daijob.com, Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd, will be extending their services to the overseas market from this year.

◆A Background of the Services offered Overseas

Japanese companies are undergoing the process of globalization and the demand for people able to use Japanese in business in order to work in overseas branches is increasing. Such employees are not only expected to have Japanese language ability but also understand Japanese culture and practices, as well as providing smooth communication between management and branch employees. As a result, the requirement has increased for non-Japanese people with experience working for a Japanese company or studying in Japan, as well as Japanese people who can communicate with branch employees and want to live abroad. However, there is a lack of people in overseas branches of Japanese companies who can communicate smoothly with head office and also possess a special skill such as IT, design or management. As a result, many Japanese companies tend to prioritize people who have cultivated their technical skills in Japan, rather than people with the ability to communicate with overseas branch employees.

Although many job-seekers have noted that they would like to take their career to the next level by working abroad, many give reasons for not doing so such as “l have no language ability” or “I don’t know how to find job openings for positions abroad”. If we take a look at registered users of Daijob.com, 23% have said that they would like to or are considering working in another country, starting with a country in Asia. Surprisingly, not all of those who wanted to work abroad could speak Business Level English. In fact, 35% had Conversational Level English or below.

A survey conducted between October and November 2013 asking why a user registered to Daijob.com showed the following:

28% - There are many job postings from Japanese companies.
15% - There are many job postings (from any company).
13% - There are many job postings for positions abroad.

Daijob.com isn’t only aimed at people who have experience working abroad or using languages in a foreign-affiliated or Japanese global company. Daijob offers the opportunity for anyone with an interest in global business to find a suitable position.

◆Events in 2014

Exhibiting at Overseas Careers Fairs

Daijob will be exhibiting at the largest careers fair in Singapore in February at the Nanyang Technological University. We also intend to exhibit at various careers events across Asia.

A Site Devoted to Working Abroad

We have a special “Working Abroad” page (http://www.daijob.com/workingabroad/) targeting 22-33 year old Japanese people who want to work overseas and non-Japanese who have experience studying in Japan. The page usually hosts around 400 job openings primarily based around Asia.


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