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Global Talent Career Fair @ Akihabara UDX Report

Global Talent Career Fair @ Akihabara UDX Report
A Questionnaire Regarding Whether or Not the Main Reason for Finding a Job in a Foreign-Affiliated or Global Company is to Make Use of Language Ability

The operators of bilingual job board Daijob.com, Daijob Global Recruiting Co.,Ltd, hosted a “Daijob Go Global Career Fair” on October 25th 2013 at Akihabara UDX which featured many foreign-affiliated/global companies and bilingual job-seekers. This event provided briefings and information geared towards companies hiring internationally-minded talent as well as people who want to work in global business.

◆Event Information

【Date and Time】: Friday October 25th 2013 16.30-21.00
【Location】:Akihabara UDX 2F
【Number of Attendees】:887 (Ratio of Japanese : Non-Japanese = 47%:53%)
【Exhibitors】:37 companies

The split between exhibitors was about half Japanese global companies and half foreign-affiliated companies. A vast array of industries were represented including IT, Consulting, Medical Care, Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Architecture and Real Estate and Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, covering a number of different occupations including International Sales Executives, Consultants and Technical Engineers, in order to meet the growing staffing needs of international companies. 72% of job seeking attendees had over 3 years of work experience and 50 nationalities were represented (including Japanese), creating a very cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Also held at the event was a free seminar about furthering your career and finding a new job featuring prominent figures in the industry and people in charge of hiring in their respective companies. The seminar covered topics relating to hiring in an overseas subsidiary, such as writing an English CV, taking an interview for a foreign-affiliated company and overcoming any obstacles in the way of becoming a true international businessperson.

◆A Short Extract from the Seminar
A Hiring Manager with experience conducting over 10,000 interviews gives the low-down on how to write a perfect CV and make them believe you're the right candidate at interview.

How can you make busy hiring managers read your CV? How can a hiring manager quickly tell if you are not used to an English-speaking environment even when you are speaking another language? What preparations should you make for an interview with a foreign-affiliated company? What kind of questions may take you by surprise? What should you do when words escape you? Mikako Suzuki, a hiring manager with experience of over 10,000 interviews working for GE, Morgan Stanley and Gateway, illustrated exactly how to deal with these kinds of situations.

◆Results of a Questionnaire for Exhibiting Companies: What kind of person are you looking for?

An Outline of the Talent Companies Want

77% of exhibitors answered that the career fair was either “good” or “very good”. Around half answered that they were searching for “staff level” employees while another 50% mentioned that they wanted staff fluent in English. A whopping 97% of companies said that they wanted staff with at least business level English.

Results of a Questionnaire for Attendees: Why do you want to work in a foreign-affiliated or global company?

Reasons for Wanting to Work in a Foreign-affiliated or Global Company

“I want to make use of my language ability” was overwhelmingly chosen as the No.1 reason for wanting to work in a foreign-affiliated or global company. The second and third most popular reasons varied greatly among students and workers (depending also on their most recent workplace). A popular choice among those who had recently worked in a foreign-affiliated company was “I can go about work in my own way”, while a large proportion of people previously or currently employed in a Japanese company chose the response “There isn't too much overtime”.

The most popular reason observed among students was “I want to work overseas”.


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