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Notice of a Name Revision and a Change among the Representative Directors

Notice of the Name Revision of a Consolidated Subsidiary and a Change among the Representative Directors

It was decided in a board of directors' meeting today that a consolidated subsidiary of this company, Human International Co.,Ltd, will undergo a name revision as well as a change among the representative directors, as outlined below.

1. About the Name Revision

(1) A Summary of the Subsidiary Concerned
① Original Name: Human International Co.,Ltd.
② Location: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 7-5-25
③ Job Title of Representative: Representative Director Naoki Nioka
④ Description of Business: An Online Job-matching Service
⑤ Capital: ¥\ 10 million

(2) New Name
Daijob Global Recruiting Co.,Ltd.

(3) Reason behind Name Revision
Since it is a cornerstone of growth, the acquisition and cultivation of global talent which has accompanied the recent acceleration of domestic companies engaging in overseas business development is becoming an important issue. Having taken this into consideration, Human International Co., Ltd has decided to reconsider it’s the scope of its business affairs and commit itself to its online job-matching service specializing in global talent. In addition to using the name Daijob from global job-matching site Daijob.com for its high degree of familiarity, we also changed the name in order to clarify the nature of the business.

(4) Scheduled Date of Name Revision
April 4th 2013

2. About the Change in Representative Directors

(1) A Change in the Representative Director of a Consolidated Subsidiary
Name      New Job Title    Previous Job Title
Yuji Shinohara   Representative Director     -
Naoki Nioka     Resigned    Representative Director

(2) A Brief Introduction to the new Representative Director
① Representative Director Yuji Shinohara
② Date of Birth: June 17th 1966
③ Hometown: Kyoto
④ Academic Background: Graduated from Doshisha University, Faculty of Engineering in March 1990.
⑤ Professional Background: Joined Recruit Co.,Ltd in April 1990
Made Company Executive of IMJ Corporation in March 2009
Made Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Xiamen Zhang Tong Information Technology Co.,Ltd in April 2011
Made Advisor of Human Holdings Co.,Ltd in July 2012 (Presently held)

(3) Date of Inauguration
April 4th 2013


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