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Current Vacancy:Mid-career Professionals Job Description

Career Consultant

Job Description

Recruiting Service utilizing ""

Responsible for a set of recruiting business such as introducing candidates to client companies, job offer supports and so on.
Supporting both candidates and client companies by one consultant enables to provide high quality recruiting service.

Hearing business challenges from client companies

Sourcing, scouting, and listing candidates from

Consulting with candidates, introducing possible positions and providing support to find their ideal new job

Providing HR proposal to client companies and checking in on candidates after entering their new company

Daijob Agents are responsible for consulting both sides of client companies and candidates to perform the best matching.
As the recruiting division of Japan's leading global jobsite "", we lead globally-minded talents to be successful on their new job search.
Each agent is required a high level of skill and knowledge, but there is great opportunity to experience the forefront of the global market.
Some of our agents who have joined Daijob from other industries are thriving as a professional agent.

※Specially, to be able to utilise the following experiences and knowledge's:
Consulting, HR/General Affairs, Accounting/Finance, IT/Engineering, Consumer goods, Fashion brands...

■Selection flow
【Resume screening】→【1st interview & Personality test】→【Final interview】⇒【Offer meeting】

Working Hours

9:00~18:00(1h break)


・Bachelor's degree or higher
・Experience in corporate sales
・Language Level: Business level or above in Japanese or English.

Desired Skills

・Those who can act proactively and have high hospitality
・Those who can work with consistency and responsibility
・Those who can act quickly
・Those who have good communication skills and have positive mindset
・Those who can act from the point of customer's view

Company Info

【Company Environment】
A lot of global talents who come from various countries are playing important roles at Human Global Talent Co., Ltd. and you can see them speaking many languages on a daily basis. We believe in being trustful and open-minded. We also like to have fun together such as lunch, drinking party, BBQ and many more!

【Features of the Organization】
Each individual is given considerable discretion. Also we are cooperative and share information frequently.
Our agents are working with strong motivation under the mission grade system as high performance will directly lead to higher salary.

【Make Use of Your Language Ability】
There are a lot of nationalities in candidates and HR staff of client companies. Our work environment encourages each member to take advantages on language skills. Of course, those who can only speak Japanese have a great opportunity to achieve one's target.

【Hiring Background】
We are increasing the number of team members through the process to expand scale of business operation in three times for mid and long term plan. There is a great chance to become a global career consultant through the process to deal with global companies even if one is not experienced in the recruiting industry.

【What brings your career】
It is possible to become independent or work at home in the future. This position allows one to understand work-life balance.
The more experienced you become, the better relationships you make with stakeholders. This position is attractive as it is possible to establish a long career and gain good salary at a young age.

English Level


Japanese Level


Annual salary & Treatment

Annually ¥4,000,000 -
Those with experienxce: \5,000,000 - / Those without experience ¥4,000,000 -
Half-year annual salary system (pay revision twice a year)
Basic salary + commission
Firstly determined based on ability and experience
High salary can be provided according to high performances

Model cases:
Annually 6,100,000 (basic salary & commission) / experienced in recruiting industry

Social insurance
Transportation expenses (Up to 50,000 yen per month)
Employee stock ownership
Property formation savings
Retirement plan (Defined Contribution Pension)


Day off:
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
Annual Holidays=123 days (In 2017)
Annual Paid Breaks
Summer Break
Winter Break
Congratulation or condolence leave
Citizen judge leave
Child care leave, and so on


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