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No. of job postings in the life/damages insurance industries reaches all-time high

Global Job Postings to Job Seekers Ratio for April 2015: 1.09

The operators of bilingual job board Daijob.com, Daijob Global Recruiting Co.,Ltd, have created a summary of the Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio for the end of April 2015. The Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio is a calculation of the supply-demand balance between job openings which require business conversation level in at least 2 languages and the number of job-seekers who are equipped with that ability (No. of Job Openings / No. of Job Seekers). A high ratio indicates that there is a high number of jobs available for a low number of job-seekers.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Occupation


For April 2015, the highest ratio went to "Finance/Accounting" at 3.35, following a rise of 0.54 points over the previous month. This was followed by "Marketing/PR" at 3.21 after a rise of 0.76 points, and "Machinery (Automobile/Plant/Precision Equipment)" at 2.28 after a rise of 0.23 points.
The occupation type "Finance/Accounting" has maintained a high ratio after the number of job postings in this area increased by 20% over the previous month. In addition, the "Marketing/PR" occupation type exceeded a ratio of 3.0 for the first time since August 2014 after the number of jobs within this category also increased by 20%. This included a rise of at least 100% in job postings within the following occupation types: "Business Development/Management Planning", "Sales Planning" and "Reporting/IR". The number of job postings remained the same within the "Machinery (Automobile/Plant/Precision Equipment)" occupation type, but the number of people with the relevant experience decreased slightly, thus maintaining the category's position in the TOP 3. The category "General/HR/Legal" had been a constant feature in the TOP 3, however the ratio dipped below 2.0 for the first time in 14 months.

◆Global Job Openings to Job-Seekers Ratio by Industry


At a ratio of 1.87, the "Electricity/Gas/Heating/Water Supply" industry grew by 0.87 points over the previous month while the manufacturing industry grew by 0.16 points. In addition, the "Finance/Insurance" industry grew by 0.29 points to a ratio of 1.78.
The number of jobs pertaining to "Electricity/Gas/Heating/Water Supply" stayed at around the same level, however a big decrease in the number of relevant job seekers contributed to an increase in the ratio. "Manufacturing" has remained in the TOP 3 for 11 consecutive months despite an 8% decrease in the number of job postings in this area. The "Finance/Insurance" industry has now featured in the TOP 3 for a total of 6 months, and there has been a 140% increase in the "Life/Damages Insurance" industry.
The number of job postings in April reached a record high (since August 2013) for the following occupations: "CEO/COO/CFO/CIO/CTO/Upper Management", "Advertising/Media Sales", "Sales Planning". It also reached a record high for the following industries: "Life/Damages Insurance", "Machine Manufacturing".


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