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Offering psychometric tool "Lumina Spark" free to individuals for the first time!

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd proudly announces a joint project to support job-hunters with Lumina Learning, a British-based company present in over 40 countries and with over 1,400 corporate clients which focuses on developing and planning programs intended to get the best out of global employees.

In a globalising world which increasingly places more importance on results, it is absolutely essential for job-seekers to understand their own characteristics and potential in order to find a working environment in which they can be fully utilised and developed.

As part of this project to provide instruction, training and support to those wishing to work globally, Lumina Learning will offer to individuals use of its psychometric tool "Lumina Spark" from March 10th. This tool is usually only available to corporate staff, however it will be offered free of charge to job-seekers on Daijob.com.

"Lumina Spark" is a next generation psychometric tool which uses the very latest research in psychology. By using the tool, you can create a personal profile measured colourfully and intuitively based on the idea that "a trend in human thought processes and communication = a habit". You will be able to understand yourself further on a practical and scientific level, and we hope it will provide you with motivation to find a position which helps you to flourish.


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